1. Customer can give their jewellery pcs for polish or only ultra washing andcleaning after every 1 year. As it will enhance the shine of the jewellery. 

2. Our warranty covers any manufacturing faults for the jewellery but it is important to understand that this does not cover wear and tear of the jewellery. 

  3. As jewellery are Handmade pieces which under gone high quality checking and customer should look after their diamond settings after a proper interval of time. If they find any diamond loosen up then we undertake total checking of the pcs. 

  4. For safer side customer should change thread of their kundan meenakari sets if necessary. 

  5. The shipping charges (to and fro) shall be borne by the Customer. The customer will be responsible for shipping the product to unilordjewels.com premises. 

All these services will be provided by us at Nominal Charges.